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Haunted Sitka

Haunted Sitka

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Walk with the spirits left behind from the Russian-American era as you step back in time with the ''Ghosts of Historic Sitka.'' Prepare to be captivated with chilling and ghostly tales as you uncover the charms of the most undoubtedly historic city in all of Alaska. Gaze upon the old military barracks and wooden sidewalks as you learn about Sitka’s rich and turbulent history of battles, hangings, prostitution, and even disappearing ships.

You are invited to unlock the secrets of an era when Russian explorers clashed with the indigenous Tlingit people at this truly historic seaport. Hear the saga of October 18, 1867, the day of the infamous transfer of the Alaskan Purchase and Seward’s Folly.

On your stroll that winds past buildings constructed by early Russians, you will hear the tragic stories of children who sadly died so young in the harsh new land of the 1800s, but are claimed to still be seen playing today. Your travels will take you outside of the beautiful, yet looming Rose Hill House and along the seemingly quiet neighborhoods-until you hear the stories of those that used to live here.

An enchanting story teller dressed in opulent 1867 period costume will guide and entertain you on your tour of Sitka’s passageways and back alleys. Along the way you will learn about the Hanlon’s and the Richter’s ill-fated love triangle involving a bakery, a brewery, a jail, and even an apothecary.

From adventurous Russian explorers and Gold Rush pioneers to red light districts and opium dens, Sitka’s eeriest stories are yours to discover. We look forward to guiding yo


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